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The Beers

Tieguai Li

Take Your Own Path

With a wicked temper he’s fierce to his enemies and fiercely loyal to his friends

Tieguai Li is a rough, rugged character equally at home on the windswept highlands as he is in a city centre bar enjoying Tsingtao with his fellow Immortals.

The original Tieguai Li

Chinese Heritage

Tieguai Li is sometimes described as irascible and ill-tempered, but also benevolent to the poor, sick and the needy. Rugged in appearance he is frequently depicted with a long unkempt beard and an iron crutch to aide him walking.

The Modern Tieguai Li

Today Tieguai Li has the appearance of a modern-day hipster. His large beard and multitude of tattoos make him easily distinguishable in any crowd, and if that doesn’t do it then his elegant walking cane is a sure giveaway.

Tieguai Li

First Impressions Can Deceive

A larger than life character who, although has a wicked temper when angered, possesses a heart of gold. Always looking out for those weaker than himself he will fiercely protect them from adversity.