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Chinese Made Easy

It's easier than you think

Speaking Chinese is a whole lot easier than you might have imagined

If we told you that you’d be able to speak some Chinese by the time you’ve finished reading this page you’d think we were mad – well that’s where you’re wrong.

We’ve devised a fun and visual way of breaking down the pronunciation of some basic Chinese words into easy to pronounce sounds.

Our dingbat style method of speaking Chinese takes away the need for you to understand any traditional Chinese characters. Instead all you have to do is work out the sound that each pictogram represents and say it out loud.

Go on, try your new found linguistic skills on the dingbats below.

Ni Hao

knee how
Thank You

shay shay

ching dow

If you’ve got this far then you’re obviously showing some linguistic skills so why not take things up a notch?

Let’s see if you can bluff your way through a real life encounter with the Beijing Badass, a mysterious and slightly sinister underworld boss. All you’ve got to do is use your new found Chinese skills and convince him that you are who he mistakenly thinks you are by answering in Chinese.

Beijing Badass

Note: You will need Google Chrome to play Beijing Badass

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