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The Beers

The 8 Immortals

United in Taste

Eight very different stories, eight exceptional talents but always ‘United in Taste’.

A close knit group of friends who are believed to possess some extraordinary talents. From very different backgrounds and each with their own illustrious and somewhat murky pasts spanning over centuries, they have over time been drawn together to become the Eight Immortals.

Lan Caihe and Han Xiang.

A 1000 year old story

It has been documented in the annals of Chinese history that some of the Immortals, perhaps most notably Lü Dongbin and Han Zhongli, were alive over 1,000 years ago during the Tang Dynasty.

Over the course of the subsequent Song Dynasty other Immortals began to join the group, and this continued until they numbered eight and the legend of the Immortals was born.

The original Immortals from Chinese folklore

The Modern Immortals

In more modern times the Immortals waned in popularity and some even feared they would disappear from the public consciousness altogether… that is until now.

The Immortals are back stronger than ever, shedding their ancient appearance for a more modern day style. From mixologists to DJs they are now walking among us, and who knows one day you might even meet one.

The Next Chapter

Tsingtao Beer is piecing together the story of the Immortals, writing the modern-day chapters that were never told in traditional Chinese folklore.

Over the coming months we’ll be telling the back story of each of these mythical characters. Revealing who they are, uncovering their new found talents and giving you the chance to mingle with them on social media and, who knows, maybe even meet them in person.

Lu Dongbin
Lü Dongbin
Loo Dongbin
Han Zhongli
Han Zhongli
Han Zhong Lee
Cao Guojiu
Cow Gwo-jeeoo
Zhang Guo
Zhang Guo
Zang Gwo
Teiguai Li
Tieguai Li
Tay-Gwuay Lee
He Xiangu
He Xiangu
He Shangoo
Han Xiang
Han Xiang
Han Shee-ang
Lan Caihe
Lan Caihe
Lan Kaihaa

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