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Lü Dongbin

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True knowledge is knowing there is always something new to discover

Lü Dongbin is one of the most well known Immortals and is widely considered to be their leader. Slightly senior in years and with a towering intellect Lü is seen as a mentor to the younger Immortals, who often seek his advice on more important matters.

The original Lü Dongbin

Chinese Heritage

Original texts reveal Lü Dongbin to have first appeared during the Tang Dynasty over 1,000 years ago, and he is widely considered to be the leader of The Immortals.

In ancient Chinese tradition he is usually portrayed as a scholarly, clever man with a genuine desire to help people obtain wisdom, enlightenment and to learn the Tao.

The Modern Lü Dongbin

The modern-day Lü appears a little more senior in years than the other Immortals, but don’t let that fool you as he can still match anyone for agility, and is unsurpassed in the agility of his mind.

In his never-ending quest to understand the universe he can often be found in his unrivalled personal library buried deep inside a rare book.

Lü Dongbin

A Never Ending Quest

Over Lü’s long lifetime he has constantly pursued a complete understanding of the universe and all that walks within it, however, he has come to realise this quest will never be completely fulfilled. After all, true enlightenment only comes to those who understand there will always be more to discover.