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Lan Caihe

Live Your Own Style

Appearances can be misleading as size alone isn’t necessarily a measure of strength

Lan Caihe is a punk rock singer who packs a punch bigger than her slight frame would have you believe. Her unbound love of music means you’ll see her busking in the streets to confused and equally amazed onlookers.

The original Lan Caihe

Chinese Heritage

Lan Caihe is the least defined of the Eight Immortals whose age and sex are unknown. Lan is usually depicted in sexually ambiguous clothing, often being shown as a young boy or girl. In some traditions Lan is a female singer whose song lyrics can accurately predict future events.

The Modern Lan Caihe

The modern Lan Caihe is identifiable by her cropped hair and punky appearance. Due to her love of music she is a close friend of Han Xiang and they can often be found together listening to rare vinyl and composing new tracks.

Lan Caihe

What Does the Future Hold?

It is said by some that Lan Caihe’s song lyrics have been known to predict future events. Although this hasn’t been proven it’s worth paying extra attention if you ever see her sing.