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The Beers

He Xiangu

Come Join Us

Mysterious and ethereal beauty with the natural elegance of a floating Lotus Flower

He Xiangu is an elegant young woman with long flowing hair. She’s a mysterious character of which little is known and although she has had many suitors she has preferred to remain alone.

The original He Xiangu

Chinese Heritage

He Xiangu was born as He Hua meaning lotus and as an Immortal she is frequently depicted holding a lotus flower. Often wandering the mountains she is said to have moved with such lightness that it looked like she was flying.

The Modern He Xiangu

Identifiable by her long flowing hair and lotus flower tattoo that can be seen on the underside of her left wrist. The modern He Xiangu possesses an unnatural beauty that has resulted in many a crestfallen suitor.

He Xiangu

Lighter Than Air

Like the Lotus flower He Xiangu is often described as a “floating beauty” with some people even claiming she has the ability to float not just on water but through the very air itself.