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The Beers

Han Xiang

Feel Your Own Beat

A classically trained master musician with his finger on the modern-day musical pulse

Han Xiang is a streetwise guy with his finger on the musical pulse. From a family of classical musicians Xiang began his musical odyssey playing the flute. He showed a prodigious talent from an early age and quickly went on to master a range of different instruments before eventually becoming a DJ.

The original Han Xiang

Chinese Heritage

As a young boy Han Xiang simply desired to explore the surrounding mountains, play his flute, and commune with nature. In his solitary wanderings, Han Xiang encountered the famed immortal, Lü Dongbin who became his mentor. During their time together, the boy attained Lu Dongbin’s level of spiritual attainment for himself.

The Modern Han Xiang

The modern-day Han Xiang is identifiable by the headphones that are permanently slung around his neck. Although classically trained in music as a boy he has since then become a renowned DJ who combines his eclectic influences to create a truly unique sound making him an in-demand performer for the most exclusive of gigs.

Han Xiang

A Rare Groove

Han Xiang’s mastery and appreciation of music means that when he’s not performing he can be found scouring the nearest record shop for rare vinyl to add to his already encyclopaedic collection.