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Han Zhongli

Be Authentic

You might want to be many things, but never forget who you really are

Han Zhongli is one of the oldest Immortals and along with Lü Dongbin he is considered to be one of their leaders. His physical strength and military training make him a formidable force, yet it is his medical background and ability to rejuvenate others that truly stands him apart.

The original Han Zhongli

Chinese Heritage

In traditional Chinese folklore Han Zhongli was a general in the armies of the Han Dynasty and is said to be physically the strongest of The Immortals. After fleeing the army he began his journey to become an Immortal during which he came into possession of a fan with the power to rejuvenate and breathe life into the sick.

The Modern Han Zhongli

The modern Han Zhongli is an ex-army medic whose meteoric rise through the military ranks was abruptly cut short for ‘reasons unknown’. Unofficially it’s rumoured that Zhongli was reviving wounded soldiers in the battlefield who were believed to be dead, however none of these rumours have ever been substantiated.

Han Zhongli

An Officer Spurned

Unlike the regiment who spurned him Zhongli’s real family are the seven other Immortals who will always remain loyal and stand by his side.