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The Beers

Cao Guojiu

Well Connected

Never forget there’s always a way – just as long as you know the right people

Smooth and debonair people can’t fail to notice Cao Guojiu when he enters their orbit. The most aristocratic of The Immortals he is also the most well connected – if you’re someone worth knowing then Cao most likely already knows who you are.

The original Cao Guojiu

Chinese Heritage

Cao Guojiu was said to be the uncle of the Emperor of the Song Dynasty, and is often depicted wearing the official court’s dress. Royal Uncle Cao is considered the patron deity of actors.

The Modern Cao Guojiu

Impeccably dressed in Saville Row suits the modern Cao is the perfect gentleman. He has an actor’s ability to play to his audience no matter the environment making him the perfect “fixer”.

Cao Guojiu

The Man Who Knows Everyone

The man that knows everyone whose worth knowing; no matter what it is you need doing Cao Guojiu knows someone who can do it for you.