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6th June 2016
It’s time to get out the BBQ

It’s that time of year again… the sun is shining, we dust down the patio furniture, gather family and friends, apply some sunscreen and stoke up the BBQ. Well this summer why not try something a little different when you’re cooking? Yes there’s sausages, yes there’s burgers, yes there’s chicken drumsticks and corn on the cob too but we have a recipe that will ‘jazz’ up your BBQ ribs and impress your guests.

Working with our friend Jeremy Pang, from the School of Wok, we bring you a delicious Barbecued Tsingtao Beer ribs recipe to try! You can see the full recipe here, so why not follow along and enjoy these scrumptious BBQ ribs then relax in the sun and enjoy a cold Tsingtao with friends.

As we know beer and BBQs are a perfect combination, so to compliment our ribs recipe, check out the Tsingtao BBQ beer guide. We give you some tips on using beer on the BBQ, so whether it be a marinade, a few flavoured wood chips or simply an ideal drink pairing, all you need to know is in our beer guide.

Enjoy the summer!