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25th July 2018
Ping Pong Fight Club London – #PINGPONGFIGHTCLUB

This June’s Ping Pong Fight Club held at Oval Space, London, was not for the faint hearted. Mimicking the underground feel of the ‘Fight Club’ movie with a ping pong table ‘fighting arena’, our Ping-Pong gladiators went head to head for their companies bragging rights to be crowned the ‘Ping Pong Fight Club Champion’.

8 companies and hundreds of supporters. This month’s event proved to be a spectacular team building, networking and fundraising night out.

With a line up of players all with their ‘game face on’, fighting broke out. The games were competitive and fiery and the Tsingtao; cool and refreshing.

As players all started to fall from the wayside, Luis Pinto (Funding Circle) and Miguel Roca (Carwow) were reved up and ready to go head to head in the final.

It was a 2-0 victory for Miguel Roca, which left the Funding Circle team in party spirits, BUT his worthy component has vowed to meet Miguel again in 2019.

Roll call of winners Ping Pong Fight Club London 2018

o PPFC Winner: Miguel Roca of Carwow / Runner up Luis Pinto of Funding Circle

o Team Champions (every point won during tournament): 1st Place: Funding Circle

o Chancers Championships winner: Jack Scotton of Carwow Runner up Diego Milan of Yo Yo Wallet

o Social Doubles winners: Adam and Mark of Ticketmaster

o Team Pongbot Challenge: Funding Circle

o Tsingtao Beer Pong Championships: Carwow (Kate, Bernice, Nicola, and Bella)

o VR Ping Pong Challenge winner: Lee Smith of Funding Circle

What’s Next?

Ping Pong Fight Club returns this September, where Manchester’s finest ping-pong gladiator will be crowned. Do you think you have what it takes? If you and your company are up for the fight, register your interest here.