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20th May 2013
Isle of Man TT

The Tsingtao Racing team leave for the Isle of Man. With the world focused on the tiny island for two weeks our team pit their nerves against the gruelling road race and jostle for position with the other teams.

The Tsingtao team will endure multiple test laps (each lap is over 37 miles across public roads), performance tweaks, mechanical changes and long hours to ensure Dave Johnson and the Tsingtao TT bike are all set for the their category race. With speeds well over 100mph along the road course, the team will need all the skill, bravery and concentration they can muster to gain a podium spot.

This event truly attracts the crowds in their thousands. Where else will you see motorbikes hurtle round at breathe-taking speeds whilst battling with pot-holes, jumps, stone-clad walls, telegraph poles and vast crowds just inches away from the kerbside?

Watch the Tsingtao Racing team make history.