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Dragon Masters

From the underground world of Kowloon Dragon Ping Pong, and the Dragon Masters were born.

Dragon Ping Pong has since moved on from its illegal Chinese mafia roots to become a global network of tournaments, sponsored by Tsingtao Beer.

Each year the tournament arrives at a new country to find the very best Ping Pong players to join the ranks of the Dragon Masters. Only those that can survive the onslaught of the Tsingtao Dragon will be considered.

Those who do join have the opportunity for fortune and glory… and competition prizes too.

Amy Jackson - filming the cinema ad.

The Masters

Kaia and Chen were the original Dragon Masters as they were the first ping pong players to defeat the robotic ping pong dragon that was commissioned and paid for by Chen’s wealthy Chinese father.

Since then others have joined their ranks as the dragon has toured the world challenging would be masters to pit their skills against it’s might.

The Events

Tsingtao Beer sponsors the Dragon Ping Pong events, unearthing talent from across the UK, and every now and again finding a new Dragon Master.

Find out where your nearest event is for a fun night of ping pong, the crisp refreshing taste of a Tsingtao beer, and the chance for you too to become a Dragon Master.

Ping Pong Cha - Manchester.

Do you have what it takes to be a Dragon Master?
Return here later this year to find out where future Dragon Master events will be taking place.